Finding Peace Through Meditation

We have all meditated at one time or another in our lives without even knowing it. 

How many times have you been overwhelmed by the moment and taken a deep breath to break the tension?

Why wait until your nerves are frayed and emotions take control and cloud your judgement?

You Can Do It!

The simple fact is that you can successfully meditate. When people say that they can’t meditate it means they are afraid to get in touch with their inner calm.

Find a quiet place… in a car stopped at a red light, your desk at work, in a comfy chair at a coffee shop, in a room of your house, in bed reading this post. The way I started this 15 years ago was by thinking of the place I was most at peace, and for me that was the beach. 

Now I just close my eyes and do the following:
Deep, cleansing breath through my nostrils (straight down the center of my body). Calm down. Stop thinking. Let it come to you. You can sit in any way that is comfortable. You can even lay on your back or side if that works.

Inhale positive energy and breathe out negative energy. Keep breathing. Slow the breath. Thoughts of what happened today or in the past, what is ahead start melting away. Fears and doubts will try to creep into your head to destroy your calm. Damaging events of the past in a continuous lowlight reel vie for your attention but must be put to rest. There is no place for toxic thoughts or actions in this state of serenity.

 If you can get five to 10 seconds of peace a few times a day then you are doing well! Anything you can do to slow the day down and relieve stress will help. Try not to wait until stress has taken you over to start breathing. Meditation can be equally as effective in keeping you focused as relieving stress.
Give it a try and tell me how you do! Namaste.


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