Looking for a Book to Read?

Find a quiet spot and dive into book you can really enjoy this weekend. The reading is always free and easy!

A story for every mood, interest and attention span:

Looking for romance? 

These romance novels are sure to melt your heart and weaken your knees.

See if you and another are connected

Are you into vampires?

The Blood Shadow new-age vampire series chronicles the life of Thomas Hartwell, from his humble beginnings as a mortal to over a century as a blood shadow. The story begins in plague-infested San Francisco at the turn of the 20th century and then flashes forward 100 years to the town of Beach Haven, where vampire Hartwell hopes to reunite with his reborn family.

Get turned here!
How much do you love high school?

This is a series of books that pertain to high school.The books are not related but the stories share a common coming-of-age theme, regardless of the age of the characters.

Go back to high school!
Overcoming Hardship or Obstacles

These books include characters that overcome major obstacles in their lives and discover a universe truth that brings clarity.

You can do it!
Find Your Personal Truth, Your Inner Peace

A series of books designed to help you find inner peace through your personal truth.

You are amazing!
And here are some other books you will enjoy!

Late Night Novels are best consumed when the lights are low and the streets are empty.

Books about work can be funny, especially when processed in hindsight.
If you love sports, these books are for you!
These books are for young adults
About Me

Phil Wohl is a professional writer by day and fiction novelist by night. Wohl has written 41 books and three screenplays (movie scripts) as an independent author, including Inseparable, Locker Room, CAMP ATOMic Wedgie, High School Rivalry, Experiment, Apprentice, Prom and ReYOUnion, BlueBalance, Organic Nation, the Personal Truth series and Blood Shadow vampire series. The Brooklyn, NY native gains pleasure from making people feel anything and everything through his words.

Follow me on Twitter @philwohlbooks, @wohl44


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