Grant Yourself a Wish

If you could grant yourself a wish, what would it be? 

   A million dollars? World peace? Unlimited intelligence? Love of a lifetime? Spiritual enlightenment?
Why not go for it all?!! The only limits we have in life are the ones we place on ourselves. Open your mind and immediately broaden your horizons!


3 thoughts on “Grant Yourself a Wish

    1. The decision you made at the time is usually the most pure, even if it was clouded by other things. It’s never too late to do things differently! The past is the past, but what happens now is entirely up to you!

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      1. I guess then I have to figure out what to do differently then because I have been hurt by too many people who said they cared about me and I was hurt by their choices, not mine. I wish I felt like the future is up to me because I am still scared I will be hurt by others’ actions. I guess I can choose not to let what others do bother me. I am learning but it is slow heavy road with many tolls,bumps and blockades in the way.

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