Daily Truth

It’s always easier to put off what you can easily do now. Action over inaction today! 



8 thoughts on “Daily Truth

  1. We should always never do anything. Whenever we do anything we merely perpetuate the recurrent problem. Doing is justifying self over other. This is the reason problem exists. 😆


    1. Thanks for the comment! We should seek to step away from reoccurring problems and try something different. I am suggesting action for good, not just to do sketching.


        1. I agree. But there are problems with almost everything we encounter. Does that mean we never try if obstacles move into our way. You have to work hard and persevere through tough challenges!


              1. Im just saying; perhaps whatever we might think we were inspired to do, might b a self fullfilling prophecy, such that we encounter the problems put forth by the solution we view as inspiration. But then we try to help happily because we are in essence helping ourselves, the problem inherent of the inspiration that excludes the others potential.


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