Don’t Give Up, Don’t You EVER Give Up!

We are not the kind of people that take life so lightly that we give up at the first sign of trouble! LIfe gives you a good kick in the jewels every now and then, but you have to pick yourself off the ground and keep doing what you do. 

 The key to live is to keep doing what you love, and that instinct will kick in when you have been hurt or have suffered a significant setback. While it’s okay to quit something that isn’t working, it is not acceptable to completely surrender to life and give in to the powerful forces that have you down.
There’s always something you can do… it’s discouraging to see people with written signs asking for money because they say they lost their job or are homeless.  While I am extremelly sympathetic to the most people, the time you spend writing that sign or feeling sorry for yourself can be used to fill out an application at McDonald’s. In my younger days, I was the person always giving money to homeless people. But there is a clear distinction between the truly desolate and people trying to con you! Just look into their eyes and you will be able to tell the difference.

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