We should judge a person by how loving, caring and kind they are, not by the color of their skin, their religious beliefs or culture, or their sexual orientation. 

 There have been so many times that I’ve had to hide who I really am in order to keep a job or not ruffle feathers when I first meet someone. What the fuck is with the people of this planet?! There are so quick to judge and stereotype and, even worse, discriminate!

I feel ashamed of mankind that a court, or a politician, or some other pompous asshole has to come off their high horse and deem a group of beaten-down people as equal to others of higher standing. Fuck that!

We keep taking one step forward and two steps back in the world of equality because the people who are judge and jury will never be comfortable with themselves! It is not for us to make them more comfortable with the idea that we have different beliefs. No! I suggest that we stop looking for affirmation through ignorance and just live our lives around people that share our commitment to intelligent, open-ended thought with a heavy dose of love and peace!


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