Rid Yourself of Anxiety in Four Easy Steps

We all suffer from anxiety in some form, whether our inner core is shaken or our outer shell is revealing stress. Here are four (relatively) easy steps to rid yourself of some of that damaging anxiety: 

 Step 1: Assessment

This should be one of the easier steps to complete… basically, what is the source of your stress and anxiety. If you answer, “I don’t know?” then you’re either suffering from a heavy case of denial or completely out of touch with your feelings. Potential sources of anxiety usually include: money, social situations, money (can’t live with it, can’t function without it), location and people. 

Step 2: Reflection

Next, look deep into your soul and analyze the source of your mental trouble. If you are like the rest of us, once your start suffering from anxiety, the little pebble on the hill always turns into an rock slide: one problem always turns into many. Sit quietly and meditate (if possible), calming your thoughts enough to diagnose the stress, or stresses) and then simplify it into a absolute source of stress. Ah, there is always one source, or root cause, of all this anxiety!

Step 3: Change

This might be a crude representation, but you’re either going to sit in your own shit and let things happen over and over again, or make significant, healthy change that will improve your lot in life. Some people prefer to remain in denial jail and avoid change and real, deep thought at all costs, but that is a recipe for an endless anxiety loop! Corrective actions include, but are not limited to: severing relationships that have passed their expiration date, are harmful, represent past abuses, are not centered in love and support, and are simply helping you pass time; finding a less stressful place to live, which includes owning or renting a house that is too expensive, or living near other sources of stress; get a new job! Most of us are in dead-end jobs that drive us crazy, so either get more training – through education – or simply look elsewhere for a new opportunity; and money, if you have dug a hole for yourself, then dig the fuck out! Stop whining and live within your means already! Things don’t make you happy long-term, it’s the positive direction of your life that matters!

Step 4: Action

Now that you’ve diagnosed the source of the stress and committed to real change, it makes sense to actually do something about it! We all should have plans for our lives, alternative designs, that will make it all better, but the action is what separates the people who succeed in ditching anxiety from the others that remain tangled in its sticky web. If location, location, location is the ultimate in real estate, then action, action, action is paramount in ridding yourself of anxiety! Take a shot! What’s the worst thing that can happen? 🙂 


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