The door only closes if you close it yourself!

Closure is one of those top-of-the-mountain concepts that is about as elusive as a three year-old hopped up on sugar! And the things we usually seek closure for are terrible wrongs that have been done to us.

The unfiltered truth: the asshole, or assholes, that did you wrong are probably people you know quite well – family members or exes. We keep hoping our whole lives that people will finally come to their senses, have a moment of clarity, and uncharacteristicly beg for our forgiveness!

Now that you’ve seen that in print, doesn’t it sound wildly unrealistic?! The only way you’re going to get closure from a mental difficulty is to slam the door shut yourself! There is no sense beating yourself up over someone else’s rampant dysfunction! Let’s move on and make better lives for ourselves free from morons that lack human sensitivity!

Enjoy the calm and the weekend!


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