A human being’s initial reaction to strife is to find the nearest door and escape.

For most, drugs, gambling, alcohol and genetically-modified food are the most familiar vices of exit from reality, which appears to derail the pain train. However, the painful truth is that the addictive chemical reaction makes the hole even deeper.

We must get to the root of all evil before it creates such a divide from life that we can’t follow the bread crumbs back. Reaching for a bottle, or a joint (or worse), betting, or a chocolate cake, only prolonges the agony and leaves us sterile.

Let’s cut through all the bullshit, deal with the drama and simply move on. If something is bothering you enough to pull the rip chord and escape, then the best thing you can do is get rid if that garbage for good! Process the pain and simply move on! And, if you’ve already surrendered to the coward’s route and ran away from reality, then do something about it because you can’t let the root of all evil ever win!


7 thoughts on “Addiction

  1. I like this. I wonder, though, where the idea came from that people develop addictions because they are trying to escape from something? Why is it ‘escape’? Perhaps its just dealing with adversity ina different manner, and not really ‘escape’. ?? Maybe its actually confronting it head on. But people dont like how it appears. ?

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    1. I appreciate your point of view! I believe an addiction is a coping mechanism, and is a symptom of a unresolved problem or issue. We throw ourselves into things that eat up time so we don’t sit around and think about things that are painful. Addiction is an escape in its most true form… some people have addictive personalities while others do not. Addictions are manifestations of unresolved issues, and addictive people will jump from one addiction to another until they deal with the central issue (which becomes more elusive the further the fall down the hole).


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