While living an active lifestyle is of paramount importance, being able to rest when rest is needed is critical for maintaining your edge. Do you have trouble sleeping? Is calming down when calm is needed proving elusive? Do you suffer from panic attacks? Do dreams often out you in a Nightmare on Elm Street state where your world becomes even more stressful when you close your eyes?

Well, there is a way to rectify this situation but it might take some time. Are you still with me?! Good! 

The key to dealing with the unconscious is to deal with the conscious, the sticky stuff we have avoided for years because it’s too painful to summon. You should know, first and foremost, that you are definitely not alone! We are all dealing with multiple layers of shit, but our truest test as human beings is what we do going forward (not being defined and destroyed by disturbing events of the past).

So, do a little breathing in the interim and close your eyes and simply breathe your thoughts clean. You’ll find that you can fall asleep much easier and your subconscious will take a break from the nightly torture.


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