Do You Deserve a Second Chance in Life?

High School Experiment

Book Excerpt:

Since families would be going to school together, the consortium saved money by resorting to carpooling people that lived close instead of chartering buses to pick everyone up. While the buses would have provided more a sense of community and togetherness, it was thought there would be more than enough togetherness found within the walls of the the school.

‚ÄčMotivations definitely varied on this first day, the reporting day if you will. People that enjoyed high school and lived their best years during that time, generally were excited to be back! And then there were people like Bruce Singer, who never fully reached their potential within the halls of Steaming Springs High School. And part of the reason that he didn’t excel was because he really didn’t have to. Daddy had a cushy job waiting for him after college whether he finished first or last in his class.


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