Make Love, Not War!

Ctrl-Salt-Del: A Life Rebooted
Book Excerpt:

When nightmares come true, the surreal nature of the acts tended to make me recess so far into the shadows that it became uncertain if I would ever find the light again. Restless days turned into nights and nights turned into weeks and years. Life really never made sense to me given the chain of abuse that impacting me early in life and then again when I had the joy of having my own kids.  

This is a book I didn’t want to write because an iteration of the truth tends to hurt a lot more than a single idea wrapped in a blanket of fiction. Writing has always been my outlet, my solitary therapy, and obvious preparation to baring my soul in the following pages. I have often felt like an innocent bystander dropped in the middle of a situation that had absolutely nothing to do with me. A word of advice: if you surround yourself with toxic people then clouds will certainly follow you. Run, run as far away from the heat and as fast and as long as you can go until the sound of your own rhythmic heartbeat composes a symphony of peace.  
​When it is all said and done we will all be piles of dust while our spirits move on to bigger and better things. If life has frozen you cold, please do not hesitate to be willing to change and reboot an otherwise limiting and soul-crushing experience.  


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