Vampire Sunday

Blood Shadow: Book of Samuel

Book Excerpt:

After over a century of one of the deepest blood feuds in the history of inhuman warfare, peace had finally descended on the sleepy coastal town of Beach Haven, New York. The unstable element of calm, however, is that it can retain its current form only when the variables remain relatively constant.

“Can you make them believe that we no longer have to pay taxes on the property?” Thaddeus Brewster said to Thomas Hartwell as they sat around a large round table at the Beach Haven Diner.

Hartwell looked around at Cal Brewster, Aaron Driscoll, Agent Blake Wallace, Daniel Thompson, Andrew Brewster, Garrison Phillips, Joe Winters, and Brandon Justice – who dropped the Winters last name and went back to his original  surname – and then at Thaddeus and replied, “I can do you one better. What if you lived in a house that doesn’t even exist?” referencing his own house, which was masked from mortal view.

The combination of vampires and their protectors with their natural enemies, the hunters, appeared to be working out on the surface. But would taking the big step of moving in together be prudent?

Cal looked over to his dad, Thaddeus, for some kind of age-old wisdom. “That works for me! We have a few million left but I don’t want to go back to robbing banks again!”



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