Vulnerability and the Locker Room

Book Excerpt:

​There was a time not so long ago when teachers ruled the world. The principal’s office would be so scary that you would almost squeeze one off in your pants just sitting on the hard, wood bench waiting for your turn.

​When my parents were young and dinosaurs were roaming freely throughout the planet, school was a place where you participated or risked certain death! Not only were teachers verbally abusive at times, if parents caught wind of bad behavior than you would rather go out and play tag with the raptors than go home.

​The power center of my high school shifted the day the decision came down to redo the locker rooms. What must have been viewed as a way to rid the school of more layers of odor than a 42nd Street ho’, turned into a rare opportunity for a small group of seniors to strike back for years of oppression. Find a seat on the bus boys and girls, because high school never looked so good!


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