You Are Invited to a High School ReYOUnion

Book Excerpt:

​“Less than 40 people came to the last reunion two years ago,” Andrea replied.

​“So why have another reunion so fast if no one cared about the last one?” Carson inquired.

Andrea folded her iPad closed and stated, “Because we’ve lost 10 people in our class and I think the window is closing on making a grand gesture like this again, ever.”

​“That’s different!” Carson said. “In my opinion, from working with people for a few years now, you have to personalize it. Make it all about them.”

​Andrea mulled the coffee-frau’s words and then said, “How does a ReYOUnion sound,” as she emphasized the word YOU. Where we offer a personalized experience by letting a one person decide who they would really like to hang around with.”

​“Do you mean at the reunion? Because that sounds creepy and sort of clicky like high school,” Carson asked.

​“No, we are going to let everyone choose three people from the class they would like spend a week with, and then let them choose an additional four people at the reunion just before midnight and the drawing of the winning person.”

​Carson’s eyes widened, “Wow! That’s sounds great! How much for the tickets?”

​“$100 will get you into the reunion and it will make you eligible for the drawing and a week at a beach house in the Hampton’s.”

​“That sounds like a party I would love to attend!” Carson gushed.


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