Coming of Age Story

High School Rivalry is the story of a typical high school student who becomes memorable once he steps on a basketball court. The West Valley Rockets are perennial doormats for the Fellingwood Rams until Pete Berman sets his sights on turning the tables. The story is center stage for Pete’s intense rivalry with Gerry Williams, Fellingwood’s star player, who has dominated the county’s basketball league.

As the story progresses, Pete’s on-court wizardry also fuels his confidence in both social and scholastic settings. The once introverted homebody transforms into a man who can’t wait to experiment with his newly found activities.

The book’s basketball scenes put you right in the middle of the court, bumping and jockeying for position with opposing players. The story also gives the reader insight into the mind of a teenager, and all of the complex and often primitive emotions of the high school experience.

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