Did I Just Join AARP?

Truth be told, I did it for the discounts, not the prestige of being on the slow track toward retirement. The American Association of Retired Persons must be hard-up for membership because I really have no right joining such an organization!

Continuing to play defense, I would never have known about the 50 year-old eligibility if not for my cousin’s husband, who was ticked off that the AARP sent him a letter to join on his half-century birthday. I, perhaps, wasn’t as lucky because we’ve been mobile the last 10 years and have been somewhat of a moving target.

Since I no longer have AAA because my car company covers roadside assistance, the occasional time I would use AARP for the discount—not advice on adult diapers, caregiving and the best Earlybird Specials—is worth the like $2 membership fee for five years.

Embarrassing, but true… no retirement in sight for this grinder!


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