Do What You Love, Love What You Do!

When I talk to kids from grade school to high school, this is what I tell them:

“You have to do what you love, because life is difficult enough. Imagine those classes you don’t like when the clock moves slowly, and then the classes you do like and the bell rings when you are in the middle of something. Please do not stop going to school after high school. In high school, they make you take they subjects they want you to take, bit in college you decide what your major is going to be and what classes you are going to take. It’s much better.”

“I did not have the advantage when I was your age to be able to talk to someone who encouraged me. It wasn’t until 11th grade when I started writing and my English teacher told me that I was good and that I shouldn’t stop. I had no idea because no one ever told me I was good at anything in school.”

Every kid, every adult, every person loves to do something! Life will seem empty if you do things you are not passionate about! I am a writer. I love to write! I love to communicate! My whole life is centered on my love of communication.

Express yourself. Become engaged. Do what you love!


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