Just Leave Me Alone!

I have to admit that I’m not as patient as I used to be. Okay, I have NEVER been very patient, especially with people that either don’t have my best intention in mind, or want to see me fail, or waste my time with bullshit. Those first two are fairly self-explanatory, but the bullshit category definitely needs some explanation, so here goes…

Bullshit is the very thing that drives most of our worlds. Most people are filled with so much bullshit that it would be unlikely to find any real shit in there! The thing that drives me the craziest is people that complain, complain and complain some more, and then they do absolutely nothing to improve the situation!

This is about the point that I got called in to try and make things better, to solve a problem that always has a straightforward solution: I listen to the problem—such as not being able to generate enough money to pay bills—and then offer a solution, such as simplifying your life. I also offer my services, my help, to streamline one’s life.

In a perfect world, we would work together to solve a problem and accomplish a goal. In the real world, however, most people want to sit in their own shit and then do nothing but complain about the shit and how it was someone else’s fault that they had to sit in their own shit!

Here comes the punch line: I don’t want to waste time trying to help people in talk-only mode, so JUST LEAVE ME ALONE! Real life in progress here…


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